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Monthly Editor's note

Dear reader, this is Camille. Each month I will be writing a few words about some of my latest thoughts, feelings or simply a few things I’d like to share with you...

June 2020: So far this month has been marked by rainy days, Black Lives Matter protests and a lot of contemplation about the future. As we’re slowly coming out of quarantine and starting to socialize again, going back to work and to our consumerist ways, the world is at a tipping point. Whether the change is only temporary or will last, is a mystery but we may hope that slowing down might have helped strike some reflection. It is indeed a weird world we live in, there are still many injustices, systems that need to be changed and habits that must be altered. It is hard though to find the right ways to make this change happen. We all need to put in the effort, starting by changing ourselves and the mentalities of those around us. As we enter the second part of 2020, it’s time to work together to make this world a better place. Any new ideas to remodel our society are welcome...


Special Giveaway to celebrate Summer!

In order to celebrate Summer and the countdown to the opening of our online shop, we launched a giveaway with great prizes!!
For this contest we are collaborating with the excellent kaio swim, a Swiss sustainable swimwear collection for women...
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Are we experiencing a point break in fashion?

Written by Réjane Salaun, @brandmooks.

August 2019: G7 Summit was the place to highlight new strategies to raise awareness, to think about poverty, inclusion, climate change, and rethink the way we consume, use less plastics, less energy... We now want to see the whole picture and not only the garment have we bought. 

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What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability is a very broad topic. It touches many aspects of life and many different industries. Sustainable fashion as its name indicates, focuses solely on the fashion industry and its problems and challenges.

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The road to sustainability...

Why be more sustainable?

Being more sustainable in the ways we consume, is guaranteeing a future for the next generations. Our planet and people have continuously suffered because of the way our system and society of consumption was built. We can all make simple and easy changes in our daily routines that can go a long way. If we all do this, even in an imperfect way, we can have an impact. 

What is being more sustainable?

Slowing down the way we consume is one very important element of being more sustainable. It’s also buying less but buying better. Thinking twice about where the item comes from, who made it and what’s it made of before spending.

How can you be more sustainable?

There are many ways one can start their sustainable journey. The first thing we would suggest is to understand, get informed and get educated. Today is your lucky day, we’re here to help you with that. We will suggest different steps you can take to implement new habits such as buying second hand, upcycling your clothes or supporting small designers.