Our values


Through ESSCODE, we strive to transmit certain values.



Providing a new perspective of fashion and sustainability.  


Impact and awareness

Through our path towards a more sustainable lifestyle we would like to transmit our learnings and bring awareness around us. 


Empowerment and confidence

We want to give you the tools and empower you to make changes in your own life. We believe it will help you feel positive and more confident about your impact on the planet. We are not here to give lessons but offer options. 



We strive to showcase fashionable sustainable brands that show creativity in their designs and production methods. Moreover, our platform imagines and creates its own content. 



“ESS” stands for Ethical, Style and Sustainability. The phonetic “S” also means sustainability.

“Code” comes from the word Dresscode because we create our own set of rules regarding fashion.

The mix of the two reflect our brand that aims to provide choice for an ethical wardrobe.


Our motto is to bring glam in sustainability.



You are at the core of our values.