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The brand Lauriane L'Eplattenier was born from my passion, from the world of art. It is a feminine, chic and modern ready-to-wear brand that combines elegance and femininity with a touch of originality.

All the pieces in the collections are distinguished by a palette of subtle shades designed to compliment each woman. Collections that are elegant, original, structured and made to last. The brand is not only the signature of a young designer, it is also a modern vision of the fashion’s future.

Even if the profession of ‘Fashion Designer’ will not become evident until later on in my life, I knew I would end up working in the wonderful world of creation. I began to study Visual Art but soon realised my relationship with fabrics was much stronger. I then left to study Fashion Design at Marbella Design Academy. I finished my studies with a Master's Degree in London, and yearned to practise my profession in my homeland, Switzerland. I launched my first collection in 2017. A signature collection that defined my style: timeless pieces, pure but architectural cuts with limited production. The quantity of clothing produced per year is a real problem. This is why I decided, from the very beginning, to produce limited edition in an eco-responsible approach.


We want to make consumers aware of the need to change the fashion industry. This is why, instead of mass-produced collections, the brand has decided to produce each collection in limited quantities with respect to the environment, with good working standards, fair wages and slow fashion.

"Each garment is thought, designed and developed in Switzerland to ensure the quality and reliability of the products to meet the needs of today's women."



Sustainable fashion brands should strive to reduce their eco footprint on the planet. For us it is important that sustainable fashion respects the environment, has good working standards with fair wages and importantly we change to slow fashion.


    Our brand has this desire to go back to basics, reduce production to limited quantities, ensure quality manufacturing without exploitation and maintain a fair price.


    The quantity of clothing produced per year is a real problem, so we remain in an eco-responsible approach: a small production and to avoid a decrease in natural resources, the use of plastic waste.


    The brand has decided to create unique pieces and small quantities, in order to reduce waste, textile waste and to enhance the know-how and quality of each garment. Scraps of fabric are also part of the textile waste, that’s why we use fabric scraps to go back to zero waste.


    Each garment is thought, designed and developed in Switzerland to ensure the quality and reliability of the products to meet the needs of today's women. All our fabrics come from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. We produce eco-responsible fashion made in Switzerland and Poland, respecting the European labour law. We have a close, trusting relationship with all our suppliers and manufacturers, and we work towards a common goal to raise the standards of garment production. Having a strong relationship with our manufacturers enables us to ensure the high quality in our final products. All our garments are made in Europe creating a short distance between production and sale, thus reducing our ecological footprint.

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In 2019, in an effort to go even further, we decided to use plastic waste in addition to natural fibres. Lauriane L'Eplattenier supports "The SEAQUAL Initiative." An initiative based on cleaning the oceans of plastic waste. We incorporate fabrics made entirely from recycled plastic recovered from the oceans. In addition, we are also contributing to a clean ocean, zero waste, sustainable clothing and a shift towards a circular economy.