ITA-ITO is a brand of luxury knitting ladies’ wear designed in Switzerland and handcrafted by our artisans in Peru. We use our know-how to create up market ladies’ wear of irreproachable quality and modern design.

Every product is conceived and elaborated respecting the human being, the animal life and the nature. Our products are manufactured by our craftswomen in Peru with a particular care giving them a precious and unique value.

We exclusively work the baby alpaca fiber. A soft, silky, hypoallergic fiber with a well-recognized thermic property, which all together places it as one of the finest fibers worldwide


Each garment is designed and made by hand, contributing to the respect to mankind, animals and nature.
We have them made at our workshops by our artisans who contribute with special care to make each garment unique and precious.
We work exclusively with baby alpaca fiber, which is known as one of the finest fibers in the world, very soft, silky, and hypoallergenic, with a great thermal capacity.
We work to establish a long-term development program based on two main pillars:
The first one is to be able to provide these artisans with the necessary skills that will allow them to better exploit their knowledge and be able to value them.
The second pillar is to sensitize our weavers in gender equality, inform them about their rights and the laws that protect them.
The goal of this program is to value the work of these women artisans and to be able to help them become autonomous.
Helping a woman, we help a family … a whole community …!

« Buy less, buy better. Make it last. Quality, not quantity!»

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Our weavers are mothers who have several exceptional ancestral techniques that must be valued and recognized.They produce real art pieces of art with their hands.I am proud to make this art and knowledge of Peruvian weavers be known in the whole world.

For us, it is very important to work with natural, noble and time-resistant materials. For this reason, we use only this exceptional fiber. Our models are designed to stay with you for a lifetime. Our success is grounded in respect and nobility of mother land, and we sublimate it with our ancestral exceptional techniques.


My name is Claudia and I was born in Arequipa, Peru. I come from a family of struggling women. Since I was a child, I lived in a family setting where women played a very special role. My grandmother always set the example, showing us that a woman must be autonomous, fight for her dreams, make herself respected, and only in this way become successful! My mom, a struggling woman, educated us under the same enterprising spirit.

And it is for all these reasons that through the brand ITA-ITO, I am struggling to improve work conditions for women in Peru.

«Thanks to our purchases here, the life of the weaver will improve over there. »