Have you ever thought of buying sustainable fashion but couldn’t find where to go? Or couldn’t find anything you liked? Or maybe you want to discover new brands or designers? Then ESSCODE is the perfect place for you!
A new vision of sustainable fashion
Change starts with responsible consumption! But becoming an ethical consumer does not imply you have to sacrifice your sense of style and taste for luxury. ESSCODE was created to move away from the idea that sustainable fashion is made for hippie people. Luxury and style are usually not recognized as synonyms of conscious fashion and our role is to offer a new perception. It’s a place to shop sustainable fashion without having to give up on your expectations and esthetics.
 ESSCODE is also about learning to make better choices that will impact the well-being of those who made your clothes and the planet. The fashion industry is slowly becoming conscious that changes must be made but those changes also start with you, the consumers.          
We are here to help! 


ESSCODE is about changing perspectives and offering a new vision of sustainable fashion that is still unexplored. 

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