Pink Maharani

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pink maharani was started in Geneva on the conviction that finest fashion, authentic impact and wisdom can be created by upholding craftsmanship, putting humans, animals and the environment first. We strive to make the finest artisanal products, which are beautiful, impactful and gentle reminders of deeper wisdom.
pink maharani’s journey started as an experiment to source the finest handwoven cashmere (traditionally known as pashmina) from its root source in conflict-plagued Kashmir. Adventurous, challenging and obscure beautifully sum-up the founding years of the company. Thanks to the European design flair of Thais Grange (ex-cofounder) and the social entrepreneurial drive of Narmada Ramakrishna (active cofounder), pink maharani has grown, trans-morphed and continues to evolve. These ladies sowed the seeds but its the constant willingness, cooperation and trust of the 150+ artisans we work across India, Peru, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, that has helped our tree root deeper. The core team of pink maharani which includes, Benjamin Schmid, Melina Limon, Lisa Bolz and our sales team are the ones who uphold our values everyday to the highest degree that constantly reminds us that we are not just a “fashion” company.


Sustainability is the buzzword of the decade it seems. We dont speak much about our sustainability because each of our action is developing and selling a holistic product, providing secure livelihood and to care for our planet. This is in the DNA of the brand.
We implement measures to create no-low-energy products because most of our products are handloomed and thus consume none to negligible energy source. We also enable gender equality by empowering and enabling women to take up leadership roles in their communities. We provide them opportunities to have diginified professions with equal to higher pay. The natural fibres we work with come from nomadic families with a circular method of gearing and collecting the yarns.

«Certified Authentic Kashmir Pashmina from the Indian Government»



Creating and maintaining peace of mind

Embodying kindness

Creating and loving the finest fabrics, things and aesthetics

Unconditional giving

Implementing Humility & dignity all throughout

Being aware of our mortality

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Narmada Ramakrishna, born in India and living between her birth country and Europe since the past 13 years has a degree in Chemical Engineering and MBA from reputed institutions from Europe. She is a visionary with a single-minded focus for enabling positive impact that is sustainable on all levels. She is the cofounder of Trade School Geneva and the high-end cashmere brand pink maharani, growing it from a two-women business to collaborating and supporting over 150 artisanal families in addition to 1200+ girls being part of the menustration awareness hygiene program.
Narmada’s vision to improve and better the lives of artisan communities comes from her first-hand experience growing up in a lower middle-class family in India with very limited resources but with an amazingly supportive family and mentors. This led her to the realisation that the greatest weavers, artists, designers etc already exist, they are sitting in the remotest parts of the world - all they need is a little nudge and support to shine. Her vision is to build and enable leaders in the artisanal communities around the world thus creating a movement.

«With each purchase, a vulnerable girl going through her menstrual cycle is provided with knowledge, support, free sanitary products and basic understanding of this sometimes confusing transitional period - enabling her to continue with normal schooling without having to drop out, which is currently the case with 1 out 5 girls. Each purchase does not only support and dignify our artisanal communities but uplifts girls through different programs. To read more, see here:»