Lenny Leleu




Lenny Leleu is a Belgian designer who synthesizes past and present, haute couture and ready to wear into beautiful collections. Collaborations and self instigated projects are at the very core of her practice and are fueled by a constant exploration and experimentation. She is a designer unafraid to juxtapose dramatically tailored garments with sportswear detailing. She cuts to flatter and intrigue.


Sustainability is a big word and a big concept to wrap your head around especially as a designer or creator. We love every step of the creating process and make every chain as honest as possible to be able to get to the most sustainable product. We also try to stay informed and learn... it's all in the process. These are little examples of how we implement sustainability in our day to day process:

  • We carefully source fabrics, we use materials made with Econyl®, GOTS certified fabrics and deadstock materials.
  • We produce in house or have a small stock made locally to avoid overstock.
  • We try to give the customer as much attention throughout their shopping experience as possible to make sure they really love their purchase.

« Buy less, buy better. Make it last. Quality, not quantity!»

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For us it's also not only about using eco friendly materials, it's not only about fair production, it's also about educating customers, living by example, create awareness about new consumer habits that have a big effect on our planet and the people on it.


Lenny attended Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts where she earned a degree in fashion design. After cutting her teeth at various design houses including Daryl K in NYC and Jeremy Scott in LA, she went back to Antwerp to nurture her own eponymous clothing and accessories line.