Have you ever thought of buying sustainable fashion but couldn’t find where to go? Or couldn’t find anything you liked? Or maybe you want to discover new brands or designers? Then ESSCODE is the perfect place for you!
Change starts with responsible consumption! Becoming an ethical consumer does not imply you have to sacrifice your sense of style and taste for luxury. ESSCODE was created to move away from the idea that sustainable fashion is made for hippie people. Luxury and style are usually not recognized as synonyms of conscious fashion and our role is to offer a new perception.
It’s a place to shop sustainable fashion without having to give up on your expectations and esthetics.
 ESSCODE is also about learning to make better choices that will impact the well-being of those who made your clothes and the planet. The fashion industry is slowly becoming aware that changes must be made but those changes also start with you, the consumers.   
We are here to help!    
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Our mission is to offer a trustworthy digital space that reflects both values and style. As we have seen environmental change becoming a more pressing issue these past years and the terrible consequences of climate change, making changes in our daily lives has become a must. Theses changes can be implemented in our different routines, one being our consumption of fashion. 
Moreover, the fashion industry has terrible consequences not only on nature but also on humankind. The Rana Plaza disaster was a wake up call

for many because with it came the realization that huge fashion brands were simply not treating and protecting their employees with basic human rights. 

We believe that fashion has to adapt to these issues we are facing. We believe there is still a lack of outlets that provide the consumer with information and inspiration that allow to make better choices without giving up their expectations of stylish and quality products. That's where we see our role, bringing you a platform to shop and learn with values in mind. 

"ESSCODE is about changing perspectives and offering a new vision of sustainable fashion that is still unexplored."


Impact and awareness

Through our path towards a more sustainable lifestyle we would like to transmit our learnings and bring awareness around us. 

Empowerment and confidence

Help you feel positive and more confident about your impact on the planet by giving you the tools and empower you to make changes in your own life. We are not here to give lessons but offer options. 


We strive to showcase fashionable sustainable brands that show creativity in their designs and production methods. Moreover, our platform imagines and creates its own content. 


Providing a new perspective of fashion and sustainability. 


 Photo by Robin Bjoern

The Founder's Story

ESSCODE was born with the idea of creating a digital space to showcase sustainable designers and brands as well as discussing the issues linked to the fashion industry. All, with a particular focus on photography and style, creating an attractive space that allies style, luxury and values. The idea was developed and enhanced into the project of a marketplace where consumers can buy products in addition to learning about brands and sustainability. 

 The founder of ESSCODE, Camille Burki, has an eye for pretty things and loves to share her passion for style. After graduating with a Bachelor in International Relations and gaining a first work experience in the field of Child Rights, she pursued a Masters degree in Political Science. During, what was a long journey through academia, her creative side was not being fulfilled in the ways she wished. Whilst contributing to her blog, Ultimate Dresscode, she went through a change of perspective that led her to a great interest in sustainable fashion: while we live in a consumerist world where we are always pushed to consume more, other people and our planet are paying the price. With this shift in mind and a great curiosity to learn more about sustainable fashion, Camille wanted to share her insights and add her own stone to a changing world. She pitched a first idea of an online magazine to a jury during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Geneva in 2018. The positive feedback she received and being among the prize winners gave her the confidence to continue this journey until today. 

“It's about being a more mindful consumer.”

Camille Burki

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