5 tips to start your sustainable fashion journey

Sustainability is becoming a trend and we are getting flooded with information from all around. Brands are advertising sustainable products and movements are taking action. But how to place yourself in this evolution of mentalities. How to start? and more particularly where to start?

It’s like trying to stick to a new habit, we want to change everything right away but the key is to start slow and take little steps. As Martin Luther King said “you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”. And this applies for many things in life. So how to start being more sustainable? I’m asking you as much as I’m asking myself.                                           



Photo from Dziana Hasanbekava 

Stay informed to avoid being tricked. A lot of misinformation is being spread and greenwashing is a thing. Big companies and a number of smaller ones are surfing on the wave of sustainability in order to attract customers. If you stay informed you'll be able to make smarter choices. 

Think twice before you buy something. Ask yourself, do I really need this? Will I really wear this? And how long will this last? If you find yourself making a compulsive buy and realize this clothing item will not last long, you’ll probably never wear it and it’s really unnecessary….then put it back down. What I also like to do is avoid buying things right away and see if it sticks in my mind. If it does then maybe it really could add value but I tend to quickly forget about most things.

Try to buy second hand. If possible first go to second hand stores, there are so many benefits of buying second hand. Your items will be unique, they usually last longer, they are cheaper and it’s not contributing to the production of new clothing.

Repair your clothes. This will not only bring you the satisfaction of having repaired something, you will also feel happier to wear this sweater or jeans because you put some effort, a piece of your heart, in keeping it longer.

You’re doing great! Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. We are in a society of mass consumption and it’s not easy to fight against it. Our whole system works to make you want to consume. Being aware is a first step.

 Let us know what you do to become more sustainable?

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