What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability is a very broad topic. It touches many aspects of life and many different industries. Sustainable fashion as its name indicates, focuses solely on the fashion industry and its problems and challenges.
There is currently no common definition of the word sustainability, which has become an important issue; it can be changed, interpreted or even manipulated by its conveyer. There is however, a commonly used definition from the World Commission on Environment and Development which appeared in Our Common Future report in 1987: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs". Though quite general and vague, this definition can be a good starting point to understand sustainability and how it touches different areas of life. 
Sustainable fashion usually includes both the environmental costs of production and the social and economic costs. These are the burdens that are put onto the planet, the workers and our way of consuming.
Sustainable fashion if it had to be reduced to one word, would be, according to us, the synonym of values. Fashion with values. These can be justice, accountability, awareness, community, creativity, diligence, environmentalism, fairness and much more...
What is sustainable fashion to you?

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