Does sustainability = veganism?

Written by Pauliina Rasi, www.pauliinarasi.com When you want to make sustainable fashion choices, should you also go vegan? Here’s our take on the question.  Making sustainable fashion choices seems simple on the surface. Buying less, second-hand whenever possible and wearing the same items as long as possible. Right? But the deeper we dive in, the more complicated it gets. All the questions of organic and recycled materials, fair trade, local production and animal rights kick in. And the question rises, should I do something more? Am I a hypocrite, if I claim to support sustainable fashion but still eat an occasional grilled...

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What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability is a very broad topic. It touches many aspects of life and many different industries. Sustainable fashion as its name indicates, focuses solely on the fashion industry and its problems and challenges. There is currently no common definition of the word sustainability, which has become an important issue; it can be changed, interpreted or even manipulated by its conveyer. There is however, a commonly used definition from the World Commission on Environment and Development which appeared in Our Common Future report in 1987: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs". Though quite general and...

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Are we experiencing a point break in fashion?

Written by Réjane Salaun, @brandmooks. August 2019: G7 Summit was the place to highlight new strategies to raise awareness, to think about poverty, inclusion, climate change, and rethink the way we consume, use less plastics, less energy... We now want to see the whole picture and not only the garment have we bought.  As we like to claim with ESSCODE, fashion has to be stylish yet sustainable.  But when we talk about fashion, we think polluting industries, child labor and toxic fields. We all know that 'fast fashion' encourages overconsumption and waste, and is having a huge impact on the...

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Welcome to ESSCODE!

We're very happy to see you here on ESSCODE. We're an online platform that is dedicated to the promotion and sale of sustainable fashion. We provide a digital space to discover brands and designers and learn more about sustainability. Our vision is to bring a new image of sustainability where glam and style become inherent to sustainable fashion. We always love to hear from our readers and customers so don't hesitate to interact. It's also about opening the conversation.  Big impacts start with small changes. 

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